Great day in Lower Manhattan!

Want to sincerely Thank Abdoulaye Balde for a fantastic street photography workshop in lower Manhattan! Go to to find Abdoulaye’s next workshop on:

How To Master Your Street Photography (portrait,candid,still life,action..)

For more info on taking one of Abdoulaye’s workshops please Follow the link to Abdoulaye’s profile on Eventbrite at the bottom of this post!

I met Abdoulaye in a coffee shop off Union Square, the other participants had cancelled so it was just the 2 of us. I offered to reschedule but he was happy to spend the next few hours 1 on 1 shooting and teaching. He asked what I hoped to learn and what my challenges were when it came to Street Photography? I told him, “If I could walk away at the end of today feeling more confident in approaching strangers for street portraits I would be thrilled!”

Abdoulaye proceeded to show me by example how to approach folks and begin to get comfortable with the process. Not going to go into detail here as you really need to get out there and try it if it interests you and spending the afternoon with Abdoulaye for a very reasonable $49 is a great deal!

Here are a few of my photos of the folks Abdoulaye approached and took street portraits of, I will show my own accomplishments in future posts, so stay tuned!

These are the first folks Abdoulaye approached, two French ladies apparently repairing there bike with olive oil! He started speaking to them in French, another of his many talents.

Next up was this lovely woman who Abdoulaye complimented on her scarf, she was thrilled and held it up to display it for us!

You can see Abdoulaye’s version on his instagram HERE Love her expression!

These guys are trying to start a business mounting speakers to the bottom of skateboards… Best of luck!

After watching Aboulaye hone his craft on a few strangers it was my turn!

Here’s Sergio, he holds the distinction of being the first stranger I have approached and asked to take their picture! May not sound like much but this was a big hurdle for me to overcome and harder than you might think. I’m no Brandon Stanton (@humansofny) yet, but it got even better and more fun as the day wore on.

Sergio my first street portrait

For the next couple of shots I will paste the caption I wrote when I posted them on instagram.

Model & Makeup: NYPD Badge # 13887

Set out on the streets of lower Manhattan determined to get comfortable with approaching strangers for street portraits. In a previous post I Introduced you to my first stranger, Sergio, and as the day wore on it got better. Then I decided to approach one of New York’s finest! I asked her if she would mind if I took her picture, “No, don’t you dare!” She quickly opened the rear door of the car and leaned in. A bit nervous, I looked in at her partner in the driver seat, who shrugged, turned to the back seat and said, “what the hell are you doing?” “I’ve got to fix my face! He’s got a fancy camera, who know’s where my picture may end up!” I looked in the back seat she had gotten her compact and lipstick out of her bag and was fixing her makeup. This is one of several poses she struck for me! Forgot to ask her name, but I like how this is progressing. . . . . . .

Shout out to @chief770 on #bnw_sundays as promised! Great meeting you Brian, sorry I didn’t get your friends name, tag him, more to come…

Candid shot of a couple passing through the street fair…

I see now that there a lot more great shots to show from this day, so I will do a follow up post soon! If you would like to know more please ask me and please SUBSCRIBE! to be notified of future posts! If street photography interests you I’d love to talk to you more about it and you should definitely follow this link to take one of Abdoulaye’s workshops!

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