Boston street photography

Fenway, the Victory Gardens
and an hour at the museum with the impressionists

This spring I took a business trip to Boston, perfect oppurtunity for some street photography. More was accomplished business wise than anticipated and as an added bonus spent time with old friends, and as always with the way Photography gets you to stop, look and listen I met some interesting folk and got an unexpected education by taking my camera for a walk around the neighborhood.

Fenway Green Monster street photography

Stayed in Kenmore Square at the Commonwealth Hotel. Had a nice view of the Green monster out my hotel room window. Nothing scheduled until a business dinner at 6pm, that gave me the afternoon free for some street photography. A quick look at the map showed “the Fens” on the other side of Fenway, looked interesting with paths winding through the park past the museum of fine art. Sounds like a plan. Headed down Commonwealth and over the Mass Pike via the Papi Ortiz Bridge. The Bosox were out of town so the neighborhood was pretty quiet, but it is still awe inspiring to me. In recent years haven’t been much of a fan, but the ceremony and tradition of it all still impresses me!

street photography Boston Fenway

Just past Fenway is the Fenway Victory Gardens, was fascinated to discover that these are the oldest continuously operating Word War II Victory Gardens in the United States. Wandered through the gardens and met Dan, Dan owns a double plot, I asked him for the run down, you need to be a Boston resident, each plot is $40. There is a relatively small waiting list, one Saturday in May they have a community day, where among other things, new plots are awarded.