Schindler Family Portrait

Oren, Liz, Olive and Jonah

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Great day with the Schindler Family Portrait shoot in Prospect park! The weather was great and we ended up finding a nice spot to shoot. A few communication and logistics problems but we overcame and persevered. A few lessons learned here, 

  1. Scouting the location ahead can save a lot of headaches
  2. Keep communicating with client to be sure all are on time, know the location, adjust and relax accordingly, etc. It makes all the difference, balance that with over communicating and annoying the client. (These were dear friends, Liz was my favorite bartender for years which is better than dear friend in some cultures, well, my culture, so no annoyance, just lesson learned.)

What happened was, my friend David, who assisted me on the shoot, and I got there a couple hours early. Great idea! We ended up walking further than I realized but found a great spot, great light, less people, several options, cool! Took our time getting set up, working through a couple issues with strobes and modifiers, when oh shit it’s 5 minutes before client arrives and I’m far from meeting point. No problem, call Liz tell her where to meet us. No answer, text, no reply, aww shit, decide to leave poor David to pack up even though he is not familiar with the gear and I hoof it back to the meeting point. Man that was far! No sign of them, David gets a text that our location is really far for kids on foot. I assumed they were in strollers and could travel faster and easier than us too fat old men! Turns out I was right, they were afraid it would take to long, hell I would have napped under that tree all afternoon! But NO, we pack up, come all the way back to the entrance, they see how crowded it is and suggest we go back to our spot… insert big sarcastic smiley here. OK much ado about nothing and we got some fun shots as you can see. I was tired before we started but I learned so much and the kids were fantastic. Some technicals, Nikon D810, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. I had 2 yongnuo speed lights, started with the Westcott 26″ Rapid Box Octa, but it just wasn’t bright enough on a sunny day. Switched to the Graslon diffuser which was very bright, but we were rushed, kids getting a little cranky and hungry. Me getting a lot cranky and needing a bottle. all learning points. Great natural light stuff here. This is a very rough draft, but I want to publish tonight so maybe a follow up post soon that’s a bit more thought out, showing the huge wall prints the Schindlers will buy after seeing this post!! Thanks for clicking!

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