Portraits and Headshots

Back to the project that started all this!

St. George’s Episcopal Church, Middlebury, CT

Sunday May 28th 2017

What got me started doing Portraits and Headshots?

 A year or more ago it was suggested to me that I take pictures of Mom’s extended family and friends and put them around her house to keep them in her memory longer. Brilliant! Not only was this a great thing to do for Mom, it was gas on the fire of inspiration to fuel my already obsessive passion to learn all I could about photography! Plus the added bonus of what friend or family member could say no to, “I need to take your picture for Mom”?

This lead to reading books and blogs and youtube videos, which lead to webinars, meetups and workshops. Learning posing, lighting, lenses, focal length, rembrandt or loop and of course the GEAR! It got to the point if a week went by and I didn’t place a large order with B&H photo, they would send an old man with a beard and a yamaka to make sure I was OK!

Finally in March I went to my hometown of Middlebury CT to force my friends and their kids to pose for me. A week later it was up to Maine to make friends and family there get in front of my newly acquired cheap lighting. I will put links to those blog posts here once I write them!

Most recently with a few more workshops and model shoots under my belt I traveled back to Middlebury to get portraits of Mom’s friends as they came out of church at St. Georges. Hopefully the portraits get a little better with each shoot, you can compare with the previous shoots above. I made up a framed collage of this gallery below that I will be bringing to Maine to give to Mom next week!

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